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Music ´til the end...

...sorry for my greasy voice ;-) Songs are sorted in chronological descending order.

Oh, not to forget: If you are a fan of the Alesis QS, Yamaha P80, Hammond XB-1 or even a Thunder guitar player, I would be enjoyed, if you send me an e-mail...

Ernie Mosh, who invented the so called Mosh-Core, on the other hand liked German Folk Music. Enjoy and listen to this never release song
Only quaak
My friend Donald told me, that some members of the Duckburg (Calisota) "Quackus Choir" practiced as "The Flying Duckets".
I eavesdropped them near a small puddle...
Air Machine
My old friend Bon visited me and gave me an unreleased song of his group Crazy Daisy. The text was written by him while cooking a bean soup. So, we recorded it...
Evening mood
I recorded this song with the popular songwriter Hannes Schladerer for his CD "From the Wachau". Unfortunately he run into geographically problems and therefore omitted it.
Ac.git recorded one channel with my new Audiotechnica ATR-25 mic, the other with the Shure SM58. The vocals were recorded after a pneumonia: raspy but imprecise
Reworked 12.1.03: e-git parts added, ac.git. parts recorded again, remixed
Stuttgart, the main german rap city, so I have to contribute.
As I got neither the Fantastischen 4 nor Afrob, I worked with the
"Spastischen 3 feat. Wischmop (aka Vileda)", yet an unknown group.
The song's content is about "Travelling with the train".
Vampire Hotel

I got the idea to make this song after a visit of a hotel disco in Sonthofen, where we did a "band workshop" - grin.
To hurry on faster, I used the rock drumloops of e-drummer. I recorded vocal and git with 24bit.
Now you´re gone
In the last time, some people died to which I had a special relationship; I tried to express my feelings this in the song.
Guitars were recorded without amp in 24bit mode and prepared afterwards (hall, EQ, some delay). I´m very proud on the drumpart: every beat handmade "under the high qualitiy standard of our company".
Uffz uffz, got the song in 5 hours, i liked to use the singing monk. This crap was easier to mix down as rock music, few equalizing, mainly compression and mixer automation.
Doobie Doobie Doo
"Achim still´s nash & young", with this in mind, I´ve tested my new "ZOOM 606" guitar effect pedal. I didn´t reprogram the piece, so careful with the axe, eugene !
X-mas song
X-mas and the jingle bells. I made a project with the mountain choir of Katmandu, combined with a hamster on my virtual tonewheels. The result is a X-mas cover song. By the way: I didn´t record the guitars from the amp but worked on them with a PC tool. Not the same :-(
Thanks to Zerodecibel for the drumsamplez.
Color of love
Not really my style: song consists mostly of samples and loops (I played only the two guitar parts - lead and rythm). The second part of the lead solo was sampled with my new Terratec EWX 2496 ;-)
Watching you
In this song, I tried again to separate the voices with EQ, panorama and volume. I think, this is the only way to realize the final part with four guitars (2 rythm, 2 lead) concurrently. I made every effort to create the drumset more realistic in a rockin way.
...remembering Goethe. Tried to enhance guitar recording, EQing (thanks to rec.audio.pro and sev. FAQ), Recorded over Behringer MMX line amp.
VENUS, 4rd release
Oops, something new: Second Version of an old song of Shocking Blue / Bananarama in a new style. Final remix july 2001
No strings - but the real sound of my guitar
Child in time Child in time (sorry, my first trial with general midi).
Dudel1 Lalala (selfmade), crap on soundblaster, use a synthesizer - if you have one. Hint: SB-Synth interprets the pitchwheel position 0 not in the correct way.
Dudel, dudel
The same as above but here sampled with the ALESIS QS6 sounds
Dreamin´ Sounds a little bit like DreamTheater, maybe I copied a part of one of their pieces ?!?
(Version 30.5.99, drums reworked)
Same again, sampled from the Alesis. Hope, the MP3-format does not reduce quality too much.
Only for Alesis QS This MIDI-file runs only on an Alesis QS-6 synthesizer (MIX-Mode, no GM-Mode).
Not only for Alesis QS
Previos MIDI file sampled with 11kHz, so everybody could here some of the internal Alesis sounds (guitar, organ, synth). I´m strugglin´ with CUBASIS, so currently the drum is a little bit too loud, compared to the rest. Drums reworked: 18.8.99.
- further pieces will follow -
Hint: changed my WAV-Files to MP3, they should start playing immediate, so the importance of the size is reduced... ;-)

My "Studio":
QS6 Synth, Alesis
QSR Expander, Alesis
XB-1 Organ, Hammond
P80 Piano, Yamaha
MU90R Expander, Yamaha
JV2080 Expander, Roland
T-Box MA82 active speaker, Thomann
A-9155 with DUAL L1160 twoway-speakers, Onkyo
Reveal 5A active speaker, Tannoy
nTrust Soundwave 40 active speaker
Thunder e-guitar
ProArte acoustic guitar
Hohner Concerto "Pull-the-little-leather" ;-)
SM58 dynamic microphone , Shure
ATR25 condenser stereo microphone , Audiotechnica
MPR-6 stereo mic-preamp Monacor
Ultralink Pro MX882 linemixer/splitter, Behringer
LM16 linemixer, Peavey
Behringer UB-1204-PRO mixer, Behringer
PC Intel Pentium Dual Core E6300, ASUS P5QL, 2 GB RAM
Two 19" TFT monitors driven by GeForce 6200 TurboRAM aircooled
EWX 2496 soundcard, Terratec
MARC 8 (SEK'D Siena), two coupled by sync-bus, Marian
Soundcard EMAGIC A62m USB /
NanoControl USB-controller, Korg
Midimate II, ESI
Cubase 6, Steinberg
Jamstix Drum, Rayzoon
Artist Drums, BestService
Hauptwerk Virtual Pipe Organ, Hauptwerk
millions of patch cables

Wanted dead or alive

Anybody can tell something about my Thunder guitar ? The neck pickup is original - signed "Gotoh"; replacement for bridge pickup is a DiMarzio DP161 "Steve's special". I bought the axe second hand in Stuttgart (Modern Music). They built Stratocaster models too.

Thunder Body Thunder Headstock

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